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Pharmacy Division

Peace of mind, confidence, understanding, comfort

Nowadays, pharmacies are being more closely scrutinized as people increasingly take more control of their healthcare. Kamei Pharmacies offer high-quality healthcare services thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Reliable and safe medical services

The main job of a pharmacy is to dispense medication based on doctors' prescriptions. As pharmaceutical experts, we aim to become a pharmacy trusted by patients, and which provides an atmosphere in which patients can comfortably consult with us about their anxieties and questions concerning drugs and health.

Detailed prescription usage instructions

At Kamei's pharmacies, pharmacists process 25 prescriptions per day on average. This might be a relatively small figure for a pharmacy that only dispenses drugs, but this figure is maintained to provide better medication usage instructions and sufficiently communicate with patients.

Thorough risk management

Kamei's pharmacies have introduced state of the art equipment to prevent dispensing errors. For added safety, prescriptions are always checked by several pharmacists to confirm accuracy before dispensing. We believe the implementation of a thorough risk management system is essential to ensure precise dispensing and to support the health of our patients.