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Carlife Division

Service stations

Kamei has a nationwide network of directly-run service stations and exclusive distributors. We fully support a comfortable and safe carlife not just by offering refueling services, but also by providing regular maintenance such as car washes, tire changes and oil changes, as well as safety inspections, vehicle inspections, coatings, and other maintenance work.

Vehicle inspections

Kamei's reliable vehicle inspections are conducted at our own in-house workshops, designated by the Transport Bureau, and as such they are open for vehicle inspections every day, year-round. We can perform final safety inspections and issue motor vehicle inspection certificates on behalf of the Transport Bureau, and all within the day, thanks to our speedy system.

Auto leasing

Corporate leasing

We can assist with vehicle maintenance management, reducing the human, economic and time burden to your company, allowing you to redistribute those resources more efficiently elsewhere. Additionally, we also have a wide selection of commercial vehicles, delivery vehicles, company cars and more, available for contracted lease.

Personal leasing

We provide automobile leases to individual customers which include all the various expenses such as auto tax and vehicle inspections into one fixed monthly fee. These leases eliminate the need for large lump sum payments and make it much easier to purchase vehicles.