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Corporate Sales Division

Energy conservation

We offer eco-friendly products such as LED lighting, Eco Pumps and warm glass.

Energy generation

We provide energy management-related products including solar-power generation systems, lithium-ion storage batteries, etc.


We supply eco-friendly and energy-saving automobile and industrial lubricants.


We offer chemical products such as industrial chemicals, water-treatment agents, alcohol, etc. according to customer needs.

Industrial materials and equipment

We respond to different customer needs by offering logistics materials, compressors, generators, Karcher products, etc.


We strive to provide a stable supply of oil products by building extensive storage facilities and utilizing our proprietary logistics networks.


We provide a stable supply of LNG and LPG, which are environmentally friendly energy sources.

Office supplies

We offer office-related products in line with customers' expectations for environmental awareness, convenience and security.


We propose optimum ICT solutions and services, ranging from system development to installation to follow up service.


We offer a wide range of insurance products to customers as a general insurance planner.

Disaster prevention

We help customers to live safely by providing products such as emergency earthquake warning systems (Takusu), fire extinguishers and fire-extinguishing equipment.