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Construction Materials Division

Construction professionals

By cooperating with Kamei Engineering Co., Ltd., which retains first-class structural design architects, and Kamei Safety Partners, which has high execution capabilities, we comprehensively consider design, execution, management and material procurement to propose optimum plans that take into account cost reduction, a shortened construction period, safety and the environment. By undertaking the entire process from steel frame work, which is our main product, to roofing, exterior wall construction and finishing, we save labor by eliminating wasteful and unnecessary elements in each work process.

Quality, safety and the environment

We provide construction work that takes into account quality control, safety management and the reduction of CO2 emissions to create safe and comfortable buildings.

Kamei Safety Partners

Kamei Safety Partners consist of about 220 companies all around Japan, including steel frame manufacturers, scaffolding workers, roofing contractors and autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete (ALC) contractors. They are actively working to realize high-quality and safe construction while placing top priority on safety management, quality control and compliance with laws and regulations.

Environmental conservation

We offer design and construction methods that reduce the emission of CO2 during construction work as much as possible. We also aggressively promote efforts to save and generate energy by adopting siding with excellent heat insulation performance and solar-power generation systems, and offer proposals in which the buildings themselves can contribute to environmental conservation.

Steel frame work

A major pillar of the Construction Materials Division is steel frame work. We offer trusted, high-quality construction work based on our strong steel procurement capabilities as a trading company and our superior technical expertise. Our experienced professionals oversee project management, cost estimates, blueprint preparation, and steel fabrication in partnership with reliable steel frame manufacturers who are members of Kamei Safety Partners.

Exterior wall construction

For ALC exterior cladding and metal siding construction work, we use our strength in managing the complete construction process to offer proposals that reduce cost and at the same time shorten the construction period.