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Home energy


By taking advantage of the leading supply and distribution network for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the Tohoku region, we offer a stable supply of home-use propane gas. LPG is expected to play an important role in household fuel cells (Ene-Farm), which are drawing attention as a next-generation energy source.

Smile Set Rates

Customers using electricity* and Kamei LPG together for home use can apply to benefit from a great LPG discount.

*For the six prefectures of the Tohoku region: "Tohoku-Electric Power's electricity charge plan (Yorisou plus Family Value)"
For the Kanto region: "JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy's electricity (ENEOS Electricity)"

The Hotline (kerosene delivery service)

The Hotline delivers home-use kerosene to home storage tanks and containers. You can choose from a wide range of options such as regular delivery and on-demand delivery, according to your usage. With year-round kerosene delivery, our services will provide peace of mind not just for room heating, but also for hot-water supply.

Gas equipment

Based on our exemplary track record, we offer a broad range of convenient and economical kitchen and hot water supply systems, as well as equipment from various manufacturers.


Ene-Farm is a household fuel cell that extracts electricity and thermal energy from hydrogen in propane gas and oxygen in the air. We are promoting Ene-Farm - an eco-friendly next-generation energy system - by also providing installation and maintenance services.

Hot-water heating systems

Hot-water heating systems circulate hot water generated by heating equipment to enable usage in room heating (such as floor heating and space heating). We can help you acquire and install clean and convenient gas hot-water systems.


Utilizing our strengths as a trading company, we offer quality living spaces by supplying built-in kitchens and baths made by the leading manufacturers in Japan, as well as materials directly imported from overseas. We provide comprehensive support; from supply to construction, from air conditioners to building materials. We also offer various eco-friendly products to all customers.


We offer complete renovation services, from design through to construction, for wooden houses, condominiums and apartments (to increase occupancy rates). Our services include general renovations, minor renovations and water-supply system renovations; our products include home equipment, air-conditioners, interior finishing materials and exterior siding.