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Message from the President

Creating new value as we face a changing society in a new era.

By combining daily perseverance with our customer-oriented philosophy,
Kamei has been able to contribute to the development of local industries and people's daily lives.

Currently, society is in a major transitional period, and as such,
it is becoming necessary to resolve new issues such as the globalization of the economy
and the conservation of the global environment.

The needs of society are also becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. By utilizing our rich management resources; specialized knowledge, know-how, and human resources, which have been cultivated over our 100 years of history, as well as by expanding our global network and in turn improving our collective strength, Kamei is in a position as a general trading company to provide comprehensive "one-stop" solutions to meet these needs and resolve the multitude of issues facing our customers.

Furthermore, by building and maintaining a strong partnership
with our customers, we aim to play a key role in bringing about
a sustainable society for the next generation.

As Kamei continues to work towards the continued
development of society, we would like to
thank you for your loyal support.