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Food Division

Stable supply

As a general food trading company, we deliver a wide variety of products such as alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, food products, restaurant ingredients, processing ingredients, etc. from both domestic and international sources. Our vast experience in the food industry allows us to use our expertise to respond to changing customer needs and consistently offer a stable supply of quality products.


We respond to our customers' beverage needs by supplying both domestic and international brand name beer, sake, shochu, wine, liqueur, etc., as well as our own private brand products, soft drinks and other beverages.

Food ingredients

We directly deliver processing ingredients, including rice, sugar, starch and cornstarch, to customers such as beverage and food manufacturers. In particular, the rice and other agricultural products which we produce under partnerships with premium domestic farms, have earned a great reputation for quality.

Total manufacturing, processing and sales processes

By utilizing the expertise that we have accumulated as a trading company, we can support all aspects of food business; from offering advice regarding production lines and processing through to the development of new products, sales channels, logistics systems and store facilities. We have also launched the Oishiimono Club, which is a mail-order business that selects delicious foods from the Tohoku region and introduces them nationwide.

Directly-run businesses

To accurately understand the changing needs of consumers, it is vital to hear the real voices and responses of customers on a daily basis. We gain valuable insight and data from our directly-run supermarkets and restaurants, and feed them back into the company to share and utilize in different aspects of the business.

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