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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the Kamei Corporation website (the "Site").  This Site is maintained and operated by Kamei Corporation (the "Company").  Please read and accept the following terms and conditions before using the Site.  By accessing our Site, you agree to be bound by all of these terms and conditions.
We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions.  Please visit this page periodically to check for changes.

Personal Information Protection

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for information about the protection of personal information.

Site security

This site is an authentic site that has been issued a Digital ID by Symantec Website Security G.K.

Information transmitted via the Internet is at risk of misuse or fraudulent use during the transmission between user PC and server. In order to heighten the security of internet data transmission, the Company uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, server authentication, and encryption in order to prevent wiretapping and data destruction.

Data connections protected by SSL display an URL with the prefix "https" instead of the common "http" and show a key symbol in the browser bar. In order to activate the protection afforded by SSL, the browser of the user PC must be SSL enabled. Browsers that meet this requirement include Netscape Communicator 4.06 - 4.78 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and later versions. Users are reminded that webpages might not properly display on browsers that are not SSL enabled.

Moreover, in the case of user PCs in corporate LAN environments, depending on firewall settings the SSL protocol might interfere with normal transmission. Users are requested to ask their system administrators if necessary.


Copyrights to the contents displayed on this site are owned by the Company. The copyrights to displayed contents not authored by the Company are as a rule the property of the respective authors. Users are reminded that these copyrights are protected by countries' copyright laws, treaties, and other laws and rules and that personal use is the only use permitted.
Users are permitted to download, save, and print contents for personal use but are not permitted to reuse (such as copy, upload, post, or forward, etc.) contents either on a different site or in print. Any use of contents displayed on this site outside the statutorily permitted scope is prohibited without the permission of the author.


Trademarks and service marks, etc., used on this site are owned by the Company or by licensees of the Company. Their use is prohibited without the permission of the right holder.


The Company takes great care in the preparation of the information published on this site but offers no warranty of any kind as to its accuracy and safety. The Company accepts no liability of any kind for software or hardware problems encountered or other damages sustained as a consequence of using this site. The Company accepts no liability of any kind of for damages sustained by a user as a consequence of using or, for any reason, of not being able to use the information published on this site, nor for any damages sustained as a consequence of using this site. The information published on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

Users are reminded that the operations of this site might be suspended or terminated. The Company accepts no liability of any kind for damages sustained as a consequence of a change in the information published on this site and the suspension or termination of the operations of this site.


This site might use Cookies for the collecting of information. The use of cookies involves the transfer of a data record from the site to the hard drive of a PC accessing the site. This site might use cookies in order to analyze the kinds of services users prefer and for the effective dissemination of advertisements through the site. In any circumstances the Company will in connection with the use of cookies not provide personal information to any party outside the Company.

Users with reservations about the collecting of information using cookies are able to set their browser settings to refuse acceptance of cookies. Users are reminded, however, that such browser settings might render some services unavailable for use.


Users are free to link to the website of the Company. Not permitted are links from sites that operate in breach of public order and morals. Moreover, the Company might refuse on any other grounds to accept links, whether before or after a link is established. In the case of links to pages other than the top page of the Company website particular care is required as file names and layer structures are subject to change without notice.