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1903 The first president, Bunpei Kamei, started selling oil, general merchandise, sugar, flour, etc. at Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture.
1908 Started a dealership of Nippon Oil Corp.(presently JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp.) and began selling petroleum products.
1919 Started selling liquor.
1925 Established the Miyako Semi-branch office.
Later, more branches were opened on the Sanriku Coast and served as bases for selling our products to ships.
1932 Reorganized as Kamei Shoten Company.
Began selling automobiles and parts.
1933 Started a Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. dealership, which later became a mainstay for liquor sales.
1936 Started a U.S. Standard Vacuum Oil Co. (presently JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp.) dealership.
1937 Unzo Kamei was inaugurated as the second president.
Started a Tohoku Cement Corp. (presently Taiheiyo Cement Corp.) dealership, and began selling cement, etc.
1949 Started to operate gas stations.
1953 Established Fuji Transport and Warehouse Corp. (presently Kamei Physical Distribution Services Co., Ltd.) and started land transportation services.
1954 Completed the Ofunato Import Base. Directly imported heavy oil with a foreign exchange allocation for oil imports.
1955 Started a Nippon Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd. (presently Eneos Glove Corp.) dealership, and began selling propane gas.
Started a Dunlop Rubber Company (Japan) Ltd.
(presently Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.) dealership, and began selling tires.
1956 Established Kamei Shoji Corp.
Established Sendai Toyopet Sales Corp. (presently Sendai Toyopet Co., Ltd.).
1965 Moved the head office to Sendai.
1973 Entered the trading business. Established Kamei Shoten of America in response to globalization.
1974 Completed new head office building.
1977 Established Insurance Department, and started non-life insurance services.
1978 Bunzo Kamei was inaugurated as the third president.
1979 Established Communication Equipment Sales Section, and began selling information equipment.
1982 Established Kamei Sports Corp. (presently Kamei Proact Corp.).
1985 Introduced corporate identity (CI).
Changed the name from Kamei Shoten Co. to Kamei Corp.
Introduced K-NET, a new company-wide computer system.
1986 Listed stocks on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1988 Listed stocks on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1989 Established Kamei Auto Corp. and Kamei Auto Hokkaido Corp.
1993 Celebrated the 90th anniversary of its foundation.
Shogo Kamei was inaugurated as the fourth president.
1994 Established Tour Operation Division (Kamei Travel) in Kamei Shoji Corp.
1999 Established National Kamei Exclusive Distributor Network.
Acquired shares of Yamagata Toyopet Co., Ltd.
2000 Established Pharmacy Section, and started pharmacy services.
2003 Celebrated the 100th anniversary of its foundation.
Fumiyuki Kamei was inaugurated as the fifth president.
2005 Acquired shares of Tohoku Gas Corp. and began city gas services.
2007 Acquired shares of Saint Plaza Co., Ltd.
Established Santouka Kamei Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2008 Acquired shares of Oshima Co., Ltd. (presently Oshimaono Shoji Co., Ltd.), Ikemitsu Enterprises Co., Ltd., Tochigi LPG Co., Ltd., Onoshoji Co., Ltd. (presently Oshimaono Shoji Co., Ltd.), Mitsumoto Shoji Co. Ltd. and Endo Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
2009 Acquired shares of Wing Ace Corp. and Marron Co., Ltd.
Established Santouka Kamei Canada Foods Ltd.
2010 Reorganized. Abolished Fuel Department, Energy Division, Housing Environment Department, Office Support Department and Financial Services Department. Newly established Corporate Sales Division, Residential Division and Construction Materials Residential Division. Renamed Gas Station Department, Energy Division to Carlife Division.
Acquired shares of Mito Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Sanko Progress Mabis Corp., Higuchi Beikoku Co., Ltd. and Vintners Inc.
2011 Established Okinawa Office.
Acquired shares of Aim Co., Ltd.
Established Agri Corporation.
Acquired shares of Imei (Exim) Pte. Ltd.
2012 Established KC Central Trading Co., Ltd.
Acquired shares of Fitness Promotion Co., Ltd.
Acquired shares of Wanoba Group, Inc. (presently Kamei North America Co., Ltd.) and Avis Group, Inc.(presently KC Central Trading Co., Ltd. ).
2013 Celebrated the 110th anniversary of its foundation.
Acquired shares of Oasih`s Co., Ltd.
Started mega solar power generation business.
Acquired shares of MCS Co., Ltd.
2014 Introduced new corporate IT system.
2015 Acquired shares of Lee Huat Yap Kee Pte. Ltd. and 3 group companies (LHYK Marine Pte. Ltd., Translub Marine Pte. Ltd., Lee Huat Yap Kee & Co. Pte. Ltd.).
Opened the Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium (a joint project by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Kamei Corp., Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc., Yurtec Co., Inc., Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co., and Sendai Mitsukoshi Ltd, as well as the Organization for Promoting Urban Development).
2016 Acquired shares of AM Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Acquired naming rights for Sendai City gymnasium. (Kamei Arena Sendai)
2017 Acquired shares of Sun-Eight Trading Co., Ltd.
Acquired shares of Kodama Co., Ltd. and Angelina Co., Ltd.
Acquired shares of Bando Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
2018 Acquired shares of M2 Medical Co., Ltd.
2019 Acquired shares of Mogami Gas Co., Ltd.