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Domestic Affiliates


Sanko Progress Mabis Corporation

Tokyo, Japan
Sanko Progress Mabis Corporation imports and exports marine products, machinery and other products. It has ten offices in six countries: Russia (Moscow, Vladivostok and Kamchatka), China (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong), Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok), Philippines (Manila) and Vietnam (Hanoi). Utilizing our global network built over the years, and our know-how as a professional group mainly operating in East Eurasia, we are committed to the international development, import and export of a wide variety of products as a core business of the Kamei Group as it expands outside Japan.
Kamei Proact Corporation

Tokyo, Japan
We promote fashionable and comfortable lifestyles by offering leading brands such as PATRICK (a casual shoe brand from France), SUPERGA (a footwear brand representative of Italy), BUTTERFLY TWISTS (collapsible ballet-type flat shoes from England) and Pantofola d' Oro (a top Italian shoe brand), as well as Thermo Mug (double-layered mugs and tumblers featuring stylish designs and superior heat retention/cooling abilities) and COOL GEAR (colorful cooling containers).
KC Central Trading Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
We export Japanese foods and ingredients to many countries and regions including Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States under our motto: “Delivering high-quality Japanese foods all around the world.” We have import wholesale subsidiaries in New York and Los Angeles, and a subsidiary in Manhattan that operates the oldest Japanese grocery store in the United States (founded in 1907), all of which cater to the needs of those local communities.
Saint Plaza Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
We design and manufacture golf equipment at our manufacturing plant in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, with an integrated golf bag production system.


Sendai Toyopet Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
Sendai Toyopet operates a Toyota dealership with 20 locations and one Lexus outlet in Miyagi Prefecture, which have obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification. We immerse ourselves in the local community by offering a wide range of vehicles including hybrid cars, compact cars, sedans, minivans, commercial cars, vehicles for the disabled, and used cars. Our technicians, with a high level of technical expertise and who regularly place well in Toyopet Technical Service Contests, provide comprehensive follow-up and maintenance services.
Yamagata Toyopet Co., Ltd.

Yamagata, Japan
We offer a wide lineup of car models as a Toyota car dealer in Yamagata Prefecture. We strive ceaselessly to be a dealer that is loved by local customers by providing information that supports customers' automotive and daily lifestyles, as well as providing information on events via our website. We are committed to CSR activities, and as the leading seller for 10 consecutive years of the Prius, a popular hybrid car, in Yamagata Prefecture, we have established the Hybrid Foundation. In addition, we provide funding to improve the environment and welfare in the prefecture.
Kamei Auto Corporation

Sendai, Japan
As an official dealer for Volvo, Jaguar, Ford and Land Rover, we have outlets in Sendai, Koriyama, Yamagata and Morioka which cover the entire Tohoku region.We have gained the trust of local car owners not only through our sales of new and used cars, but also with our exceptional maintenance and service, which is performed by our highly qualified technicians.
Kamei Auto Hokkaido Corporation

Sapporo, Japan
As an official dealer in Hokkaido for the popular Northern European car brand Volvo, we have showrooms in Sapporo, Sapporo Nishi and Asahikawa that sell new and second-hand cars and provide maintenance services. As a company based in Hokkaido, we have built a strong relationship of trust with our customers and aim to respond to local needs.
Toyota Sendai Rental & Leasing Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
We operate 13 outlets (including the Onagawa agency outlet) in Miyagi Prefecture which provide Toyota car rental and leasing services to both individual and corporate customers. We take care of all of our customers` rental and leasing needs, not only for business, but also for leisure and travel use.
Orix Rent-A-Car Kamei Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
At Orix, we provide rental vehicles to corporate and individual customers who find greater value in intermittent car rental as opposed to ownership. We offer a wide range of vehicles from various manufacturers, including light cars, commercial vehicles and micro buses. We operate 31 outlets in Miyagi, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate and Yamagata to provide locally-based services throughout the Tohoku region.


Higuchi Beikoku Co., Ltd.

Saitama, Japan
Since its foundation in 1955, Higuchi Beikoku has developed a stable supply system for high-quality rice, meeting the needs of the times. Based in Konosu, Saitama, we have the latest rice-milling equipment (fitted with a device that automatically discharges left over rice grains) which is capable of processing up to 60 tons of brown rice per day, and is fully compatible with small-lot production and traceability systems.
Ikemitsu Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
Taking full advantage of our international networks, we import a wide range of beer and wine brands from around the globe. We offer alcoholic beverages from 17 different countries in Southeast Asia (some of the world's best-loved brands including Tsingtao from China, Chang from Thailand, 333 from Vietnam, Bintang from Indonesia, and Lion from Sri Lanka), Europe and Latin America. We will continue our quest to discover and import new products from around the world.
Wing Ace Corporation

Tokyo, Japan
Under the slogan "Interaction with the world through food culture," we introduce authentic tastes that are appreciated by people of all ages. We import processed foods (pickles, sausages, dressings, seasonings, bottled and canned foods), snacks (chocolates, gummies, candies, cookies) and other selected foods such as pasta and olive oil from manufacturers all over the world, and provide them to customers throughout Japan. In addition, we are the exclusive distributor in Japan of Kuhne—a German food manufacturer that boasts the top market share in Germany and is loved by gourmets worldwide.
Vintners Inc.

Tokyo, Japan
Vintners is a brand name wine importer that offers selected high-quality wines from more than 110 wineries mainly in European countries including France, Italy, and Spain. The quality of the wines that we offer as an official distributor is highly appreciated by many sommeliers and buyers.
Agri Corporation

Yokohama, Japan
While many wines are imported to Japan from around the world, we visit local wine producers and seek out wines that are loved by the local people, and discover wines which have yet to be introduced to Japan actively, rather than well-known brand. We visit the vineyards and wineries, meet the wine producers and understand their commitment about winemaking. We deliver the selected wines with their passion to our customers.
Sun-Eight Trading Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
We are a specialty trading company that offers high-grade confectionery ingredients under the slogan: "Delivering pleasure and happiness to our customers through genuine products of real value." We provide our customers with the finest products from Europe and the rest of the world, including KAOKA, a French organic chocolate maker.
Kodama Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
With three manufacturing plants in Keihinjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, we are a food manufacturer that preserves the handmade taste of craftsmen who emphasize traditional European methods and safety. We operate a food manufacturing business that produces ham, delicatessen, bakery, and other products, an import trade business that specializes in hard to get dry-cured ham, wine, organic foods, etc., and a retail and restaurant business.


Endo Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Saitama, Japan
We operate pharmacies and drugstores in Saitama and Ibaraki Prefectures. As the company`s foundation dates back to 1869, more than 140 years have passed since we started to support the health of local citizens.
Marron Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
We operate 18 pharmacies within the Tokyo metropolitan area. We operate one pharmacy in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Under our motto “Always improving, always kind,” we aim to become a better pharmacy and contribute to the health of local people.
Mito Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
We have pharmacies in Katsushika and Edogawa wards in Tokyo. Our mission is to gain the trust of local customers, health practitioners and residents, and to contribute to community healthcare by providing safe and appropriate medication, as well as better information and exceptional service.
Aim Co., Ltd.

Osaka, Japan
We operate pharmacies in Osaka Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture. Our aim is to help local citizens live healthier and more comfortable lives by continuing to improve ourselves every day and never forgetting our mission as a member of the general healthcare network in the community.
MCS Co., Ltd.

Osaka, Japan
We operate seven pharmacies in Osaka and Nara Prefectures. The services we provide include assisted living with nursing care, home-visit nursing care, elderly daycare, and the sale of medical equipment. Not only do we fill prescriptions, but we also provide a range of medical and caregiving related equipment and services so as to strive to maintain customer`s health and create fulfillment at the various stages of their lives.
AM Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
We operate two pharmacies in Osaki and Tome in northern Miyagi Prefecture. Our aim is to become the regular pharmacy for local citizens, and a kind of regional health station where customers can come for health consultations.
  Bando Yakuhin Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
We operate 2 pharmacies in Sendai and Murata in southern Miyagi Prefecture. Our aim is to become the regular pharmacy for local citizens, and a kind of regional health station where customers can come for health consultations.
  M2 Medical Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
We operate 2 pharmacies in Izumi Ward in Miyagi Prefecture. Our aim is to become the regular pharmacy for local citizens, and a kind of regional health station where customers can come for health consultations.


Kamei Physical Distribution Services Co., Ltd.

Miyagi, Japan
As a comprehensive distribution company engaged in the transport, storage and loading/unloading of oil products, beverage products and general freight, we operate a distribution network throughout the Tohoku and Kanto regions to provide high-quality services while placing top priority on safety. Our Smile Butsuryu Department contributes to society
through the delivery and stable supply of commodities; mainly kerosene
and LPG for general households and businesses.
Tohoku Gas Corporation

Fukushima, Japan
We deliver town gas to 5,000 households and LPG to 3,000 households mainly in Shirakawa City in the south of Fukushima Prefecture. We place a priority on providing peace of mind to our customers by offering locally-based reliable services and a stable supply of gas.
  Mogami Gas Co., Ltd

Yamagata, Japan
We operate the retailing of propane gas and kerosene , the piping work. We will strive to be a trusted company by delivering peace of mind and safety to everyone in the community.


Oshimaono Shoji Co., Ltd.

Tochigi, Japan
We operate an extensive business as a general trading company offering pet foods, pet accessories, gardening materials and farming materials. Our diverse range of nearly 12,000 products is delivered through our nationwide logistics network which boasts industry leading warehouse space. In addition, we offer support and consultation services in areas ranging from store brand development to sales promotion.


Kamei Shoji Corporation

Sendai, Japan
We offer leasing arrangements, installment sales, rentals, second-hand sales, etc. to allow our customers to lower costs and streamline operations. We also provide complete travel services such as domestic and international travel arrangements, as well as event planning services.
Persol Tempstaff Kamei Corporation

Sendai, Japan
We are a staffing company with offices in all the prefectures in the Tohoku region. Backed by the Persol group network and the collective strength of the Tohoku-based Kamei Group, our highly reliable human resource management system enables us to place staff registered with us in a wide range of companies. We respond to the diverse needs of our customers by fusing our ability to capture detailed information as a community-based business with our general knowledge of staffing services.
Kamei Engineering Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
Our company is a "group of architectural production engineers," working in architectural planning and refurbishing construction. Design plans, construction plans, steel frame assembly diagrams, and every kind of refurbishing construction, all handled according to your requests by the group work of skilled exper ts. As professionals with knowledge, experience and skill, we can provide quick, accurate, safe and high-quality architectural services.
Mitsumoto Shoji Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan
Since its founding in 1966, we have grown through the provision of stationery, office equipment and related services. While continually responding flexibly to our customers` needs, we contribute to the improvement of our customers` corporate value, and to the development of society as a whole, through solutions leveraging our "office environment" know-how that we have cultivated over half a century, and solutions utilizing new technologies such as big data, AI, and IoT.
Fitness Promotion Co., Ltd.

Okinawa, Japan
We operate a leading sports club, Sports Palace Xystus which has 4 locations, as well as Xystus Kids Land in Okinawa Prefecture. With over 12,000 members, we strive to help the citizens of the local community live healthy lives through sporting activities.
  Oasih's Co., Ltd.

Sendai, Japan
Through our three “specialized preventive nursing care” day service facilities in Sendai, we promote the prevention of nursing care among the elderly by fostering an understanding of the importance of regular exercise habits, and by supporting independent and more pleasant lifestyles for seniors.
Noshiro Daiichi Kyubin Co.,Ltd.

Akita, Japan
With freight routes between Akita Prefecture and the Kanto region, we are providing safe transportation services to meet a variety of distribution needs for our customers.